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[3/7] Thursday after Ash Wednesday

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작성자 미카엘 수사 작성일19-03-06 20:52 조회31회 댓글0건


<Dt30:15-20 / Lk9:22-25>

Just imagine that God is presenting life and death before you. Which one would you like to choose between life and death? What about between blessing and curse? I’m sure everyone without exception will choose life and blessing. It seems that it’s not difficult at all to answer Moses who’s asking us to choose one of them.

Meanwhile, what Jesus asks us to do in today’s gospel is much more challenging. He says in this way: “if anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”(Lk9:23) This seems exactly opposite to what Moses says in the first reading. The cross, as you know, was a kind of instrument for the death penalty, and it reminds us of death or curse rather than life or blessing. To take up the cross can mean to choose death.

I want to pay attention to what the word, ‘cross’ means. As I already told you, the first meaning of this word is related to death penalty. But, interestingly enough, the cross has another meaning, which is ‘going to the other side’. For example, one can cross the river by swimming. I think this second meaning teaches us an important aspect of the cross, because Jesus actually made all ‘cross’ from death to life by being crucified on the ‘cross’. His cross is a channel through which every creature receives a new life. The cross brought life to all creation, and it stands for life rather than death.

Therefore, to take up the cross daily and to follow him has nothing to do with stubbornness or obstinacy. Rather, it is about ongoing transformation from death to life. In fact, we can cross daily from one side to the other: from grumbling to gratitude, from jealousy to sisterhood, from anger to forgiveness and reconciliation, from arrogance to humility, from hatred to love, and so on. In this way we daily go through transformation from “old me” to “new me”, and we day by day experience Pascha, the decisive transformation. I believe that this is the true meaning of taking up the cross and following Jesus everyday.

We just began the journey of Lent by Ash Wednesday yesterday. This is truly time of grace, when we are invited to repentance, purification and transformation: we are invited to ‘cross’ to the other side. So let us ask God to grant us the wisdom and the courage to take up our own crosses in daily life and to open ourselves to the new life.

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