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<Heb7:25-8:6 / Mk3:7-12>

In last November I’ve been to Rome to participate in a conference of my congregation. A lot of things were going on for 2 weeks and all of them were very meaningful and fruitful: I really enjoyed the gathering with Claretians family together.

During the time we also went to Vatican for the pope’s Wednesday general audience, where we listened to the preaching of Pope Francis. As the event began, pope Francis came into the hall and walked along the corridor, saying hi to people. Fortunately, our group took the place just by the corridor and we could see him at a close distance. Moreover one sister in our group almost cried out: “He touched my hand!” Looking at the sister in great joy, we jokingly said that she would never wash her hands again from then on.

As you know, physical touch is important. When we meet friends we express our friendship by shaking hands or embracing each other. Sometimes patting someone on his or her shoulder gives comfort to the person. I think touching is one of the greatest gifts that we received from God to take care of our brothers and sisters. And we also know that Jesus cured many sick people through physical contact; now it is no wonder that those who had diseases were pressing upon Jesus to touch him, as today’s Gospel says.

Jesus, eventually, decided to get on a boat and preach on the boat at a distance. In a sense He decided to keep a physical distance from people. However I don’t think this means that he gave up physical touching; rather he taught us that there is something even more important than physical contact: that is touching of faith.

Actually there were many people who touched Jesus but experienced nothing. For example, some Jewish people caught him and bound him, and some Roman soldiers beat him and even crucified him; but nothing happened to them who had no faith. They touched Jesus but they lost him. Therefore, as St. Augustine says, we need to touch him in faith. When we have the faith, it doesn’t matter whether he is at close distance or physically far from here. Still he can touch us, and we will say “He touched my heart!”

When we make prayers we usually conclude them by saying, “through Christ our Lord”. Even in this mass we can hear many times the same phrase, “through Christ our Lord”. Today’s first reading says, “Jesus is always able to save those who approach God through him, since He lives forever to make intercession for them.”(Heb7:25) We believe this and pray through Christ our Lord.

I think this phrase is all about touching of faith. We say through Him because we know He is willing to become a channel through which God’s blessing and His healing power flow into our existence. Just as people were healed and blessed through Jesus’ contact, we are also healed and blessed through Christ our Lord. We, in fact, are connected and even embraced with His spiritual touch at every moment and at every place as long as we have faith.

Jesus is always with us and touching our hearts to fix up our brokenness and make us have life and have it abundantly. So let us keep asking God’s mercy and Grace everytime through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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