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[12/13] Memorial of Saint Lucy, Virgin and Martyr

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작성자 미카엘 수사 작성일18-12-12 22:18 조회93회 댓글0건


<Is41:13-20 / Mt11:11-15>

There are two dogs in my community. One is a male dog, called "Beodeul"; the other one is a female dog, called "Odeul". They are twin brother and sister born together on the same day. They are basically friendly to people whoever they are and it seems that they don’t even bark to any stranger. I guess they are very much familiar with people and they don’t feel threatened by anybody at all. Of course they sometimes bark. According to my observation what makes them bark is something new and unfamiliar. It can be an animal or a kind of object; it can be a new sound. Anything new seems to make them unstable. In other words they feel afraid of new things because they are not familiar with them. And they start barking so that the new fearful things cannot come close to them.

As we can see in the case of my two dogs, newness often brings about fear, and the fear makes people reject the newness. Sometimes people react in a violent way to keep themselves from being influenced by the newness. They don’t like a change and just want to remain as it was. Think about how much the Israelites wanted to come back to Egypt even after they were set free from their bondage; think about how some people react to immigrants and refugees when they try to come and live among them. I think the people are afraid of a new situation that the new comers will bring to them. So they deny to accept the newness and sometimes even in a violent way.

In today’s Gospel Jesus says that the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence. As you know the Kingdom doesn’t mean a physical territory or something but the Reign of God. In this Kingdom everything is done according to His will, and the governing principle is only love. This could be really new to the Israelites in the time of Jesus. Some of them were afraid of the new Kingdom and rejected it in a violent way. Including the death of John the Baptist the Kingdom of heave suffered violence in such a way that people rejected the newness from God.

Christmas is an event that showed a tremendously extreme newness. God became human and the heaven came down to the earth. This is, in a word, revolutionary. That’s why Christmas is, on one hand, a great joy, and on the other hand, a great challenge. Yes, this special event challenges us, because it urges us to go down to the ground and to live among the people in there just as God did for us. It challenges us because it impels us to get out of our comfort zone and to go forth to the peripheries. It invites us to be more revolutionary. I know that even Mother Theresa also got our of her comfort zone and went to peripheries following the newness from God.

In this sense what we can do to prepare ourselves for Christmas is to make up our minds to respond to the invitation to newness in Christ. It is to open our hearts to new things that we’ve never imagined before and to welcome them without any fear. It doesn’t have to be great; Jesus also didn’t come in a great way. I mean it can be a small and tiny change in our daily life. As long as we welcome newness from God the Kingdom of heaven already begins from the change. The revolutionary mystery of Christmas happens again right there. For this I think it is truly important to remind us of what God is telling us in today’s first reading: “Fear not, I will help you.”(Is41:13) As we are waiting for Christmas let us ask God’s grace so that we may go forth to newness from God without fear.

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