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(ACLA) 아프리카 글라레시안 모임

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Annual ACLA Meeting


Kinshasa, Dem. Rep. Congo. The annual meeting of the African Claretians (ACLA) started Tuesdat, 27 February, in Kinshasa. The meeting serves as a follow up and continuation of the meeting of the General Government and the Governments of Major Organisms and Missions of Africa. The claretian family, religious and laity were present to welcome  the representatives from Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, East Nigeria, West Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Saint Charles Lwanga.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa, Mgr Edouard Kisonga during the opening Mass encouraged the participants to adopt servant leadership at the example of Christ.

The Conference Secretary, Fr. JudeThaddeus Langeh said that the letter of Father General, the resolutions from the last meeting with the General Government in Nairobi, the letter from the General Prefect of Formation and the good will messages sent by confreres are currently spicing their meeting. And they ask the Congregation to also include them in prayers.

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