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Interprovincial Gathering of Ordinands in Granada

Thursday, 15/02/2018

Granada, Spain. From 9 to 11 February the second Interprovincial gathering of Ordinands of this year was held at the Claret Theology House in Granada, coordinated by Fr. Juan Antonio Lamarca. The participants have been:

  • Rev. Martín Areta Higuera (Bética)
  • Rev. Thomas Mekar (Bética)
  • Rev. Rocky Xareal(Bética)
  • Sch. Divin Kisakala (Congo)
  • Sch. John Vinothan (Alemania)
  • Sch. Raphael, Seungbok Lee (Corea)
  • Sch. Romualdo Wambo (Francia)
  • Sch. Charles Rolon Rolando (Santiago)
  • Sch. Natahaniel Rayappa (Santiago)
  • Sch. Joao Carriço (Portugal)

Following the book by G. Greshake, "Being a priest today", they have worked on the theological significance of the ministry as a representation of Christ and representation of the Church, and various current problems of ecclesiastical ministry. They have had the opportunity to accompany and analyze the homiletic exercise of two of the three deacons aspiring to the presbyterate in the Eucharist of each day.

All this has taken place in a climate of fraternity and coexistence in which there has also been a prolonged time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the visit to the Abbey of Sacromonte, with strong Claretian resonances, among other things.

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