Bucheon, South Korea. November 11, 2018 was a day of happiness and joy for the members of the Independent Delegation of Korea to bless and inaugurate its newly purchased building that will serve as a house for the Claretian Community and as a Migrant & Shelter Center for Refugees and Migrants in Bucheon, South Korea. The function began with the Holy Mass at 3 pm, presided over by His Excellency, Msgr. John the Baptist, Bishop of Incheon Diocese; together with Fr. Gabriel Kim, Major Superior of Korea; and Fr. Vincent Lee, Superior of Bucheon community. Members from different Claretian Communities, Volunteers, benefactors and well-wishers and nearby parishioners attended the celebration.

The main Purpose of this newly purchased building is to provide Counselling, Legal aid, Medical care and Pastoral care to both legal, illegal migrants and refugees and also to provide temporary shelter for women.  This community will also serve and provide meals for the nearby local poor people. The General Government, USA-Canada Province, East Asian Delegation, and local benefactors financially assisted the Delegation in purchasing of the building.