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2018년 세계사회포럼(WSF) 참가

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작성자 최고관리자 작성일18-03-15 07:03 조회207회 댓글0건


Participation in the World Social Forum 2018

Salvador, Brazil. From March 13 until the 17th, two members of the JPIC Secretariat of the Claretian Province of Brasil, namely Aristides Neto (a social worker and social sciences student) and Paulo Sergio (an expert in history and social relations), are attending the World Social Forum (WSF) 2018 in Salvador, Bahia. The WSF motto for this year is: “To resist is to create. To resist is to transform”.

There are 19 themes that are to be discussed: communications, social media, migration, peace and solidarity, Indigenous peoples, etc.
For more details go, visit https://www.claretjusticaepaz.org/forum-social-mundial and https://wsf2018.org/en.

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