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필리핀 삼보앙가 AEYG2017+CF 재모임

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AEYG 2017 + CF Re-echo in Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City, Philippines. From 23 to 26 February, the Commission on Youth Ministry of San Antonio Maria Claret Parish organized its local re-echo of the AEYG 2017 + CF integrating it to the Youth Encounter Program held at the Parish Lay Leaders Formation Center and at the Claret School of Zamboanga City grounds with around twenty local participants from the Basic Ecclesial Communities, three participants from Our Lady of the Pillar Parish of the adjacent town, and three participants from Claret School of Zamboanga City.

The activity had three main parts. First, is knowing one’s self and being a self for others with Christ as model through the Youth Encounter. Second is the giving of insights on the context of Youth Ministry in the Philippines by Marion Alba. Lastly, the “Claretian Family” and the “Claretian Youth Ministry” were introduced to the participants through the AEYG 2017 + CF activities held on the 3rd day of the activity. It was a creative and animating experience as the participants mimicked as representatives of the different countries of ASCLA East. As the encounter came to its conclusion, the participants were welcomed to the Claretian Family through its Youth Ministry. Gathered around a bonfire, each have shared their commitments in being witnesses and messengers of God’s Love and Mission.

Other mission posts under the Philippine Province also held the re-echo in their respective areas: CYM Ormoc (Oct. 2017 & Feb. 2018), Datal Anggas (Nov. 2017), Indang (Nov. 2017), Tumahubong (Dec. 2017), Maluso (Feb. 2018) and Quezon City (Feb. 2018).

AEYG + CF (ASCLA East Youth Gathering in Claretian Family) is a gathering of the Claretian Family of the Association of Claretians in Asia – Eastern Conference held every two years. The 2017 gathering was held in Yogjakarta, Indonesia.AEYG

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